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This amp below does NOT sound great, and not everything DOES work.

The reverb tank is missing.

The sound is always fuzzy at any setting.

The power supply goes weak after 3 notes are played and the volume drops to a fraction of the first note played..

This was an as-is
working-item sale, should have been sold as repair or parts project, in other words "JUNK", worth maybe $40.00

At the minimum, somebody ran it with a shorted speaker lead and fried some of the output components.

I'm not amused. This is a serious rebuild project. It sounds like crap and is on it's deathbed.
Description of actual junk sold to me by Lawrence Fitzpatrick of Howell MI.
I'll be starting an amp technical section.

Included will be this Carvin L2500 rebuild project.

Also the rejuvenation of my Mitchell amp, clone of the first model Mesa Boogie.
Mostly it has some microphonic tubes. Tracing the signal path, etc.
What do all them knobs do and how and why.

Feral Hybrid
A revolving door of Improvisational Musicians
Founded 1969 and resurrected in 2007 by
Sadi "Mad Looone" Synn of Alaska.

Photo of Eric Laffoon, Jack Rankin, and Sadi Synn in session

See list of MP3 tunes here

Photo of Sadi Synn playing guitar in front yard Photo of bassist George Snow 1973 at Sadi's haus

Photo of Kurt Liljequist, Sadi Synn, and Paul Booth Kurt, Paul, Sadi Photo of George Snow, Sigfrid Kaufman, George Moreno playing musical instruments

Bear with me, eh. It's a busy work season away from the computer.
Much more coming, recordings to resume in July.

Sadisynn Communications
Seldovia Alaska